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What Kinesiology can do for you and the endless range of problems that can be treated using Kinesiology.

  • Stress – Work, personal, social, divorce, immigration etc

  • Injuries – Sports, accidents or recurring injuries

  • Pain – Back, neck, headaches etc

  • Depression – incl addictions, self-worth etc

  • Anxiety – work or personal

  • Learning disorders – incl reading and writing problems, concentration difficulties, behavioural problems

  • Co–ordination problems – Left/right brain integration

  • Trauma – past or present, bereavement

  • Goal setting – focus on formulating and achieving goals

  • General balance and wellbeing – In keeping with the ancient traditions of natural therapies, treat the person when they are well and prevent illness or pain




Reiki is a non invasive system of Healing where I as the practitioner act as a conduit to enable the flow of healing energy to assist you in your own healing. The Reiki treatment is relaxing and calming and due to the universal nature of the healing energy it is able to heal on all Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.


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